Investment Process

Botticelli Capital Partners

Our Process

Our investment process uses an exhaustive, fundamental research-based approach that reflects our solid investment experiences. Botticelli Capital Partners has capacity to offer customized investment services to institutional and qualified individuals in both domestic and foreign jurisdictions

We generate investment ideas from our daily research. We try to understand long-term growth prospect of quality businesses

For example, we find a newly emerging sector or established businesses adopting to a new entrepreneurial environment interesting

As our ideas are fleshed out as a genuine investment thesis, we debate whether to add them to our investment universe

Once new ideas are added to our universe, we initiate and maintain coverage of new names in the universe

Our team performs exhaustive, on-going fundamental research while factoring in diversification and volatility considerations

From the universe, we select the best of best ideas with highest capital appreciation potential to form our portfolio

Botticelli Capital Partners

Our Process


Screen stocks based on their market positioning and growth potential among other attributes

Narrow them down to a range comfortable for our coverage


Build earnings projections and analyze fair present value

Analyze differential between the fair price and current price


Select our best of best ideas with highest appreciation potential

Monitor and balance the portfolio through exhaustive on-going research

Portfolio Structure

Four main categories of our stocks: primary, secondary, transition and anchor

Fully exposed to equity with a minimal cash position

Risk Control

Unemotional application of downside management tools

Undivided focus on quality and resolute monitoring of earnings


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