Investment Philosophy

Botticelli Capital Partners

Our Core Pillars

Our investment philosophy is to find and own sustainable quality businesses that produce highly visible, recurring earnings growth. By applying our philosophy, we strive to preserve and grow clients’ wealth and avoid the risks that do not reward

Each holding in our portfolio is a well-run industry leader with a commanding market position and a proven track record of consistent long-term earnings growth above that of S&P 500 aggregate earnings

The five core pillars represent our investment philosophy as follow:

Look-Through Earnings

Strong growth in underlying business
Highly visible, recurring earnings
Durable competitive advantage

Minimal Cyclicality

High degree of predictability
Stay away from earnings shortfall
Cyclicals can be out of phase for long

Leading Businesses

Commanding position in the industry
Concentrated group of first class businesses
Consistent earnings growth in aggregate

Quality Management

Sound strategy by exceptional managers
Management with conviction
Don’t count management twice

Quality is Key

Provides durable competitive advantage
Strong management and sound strategy build an economic moat
Quality growth provides embedded hedge against downturn

Botticelli Capital Partners


Rule No. 1 is never lose money. Rule No. 2 is to never forget Rule No. 1

Warren Buffet

The intelligent investor is a realist who sells to optimists and buys from pessimists

Ben Graham

I think we're going from a market that's driven by momentum and driven by a flow of funds to a stock picker's market. That's going to provide very good opportunities for those that are focused on given areas

Mario Gabelli

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