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Welcome to Botticelli Capital Partners

Founded in 2019, we are a privately held investment management firm in New York City.  We aim to provide our clients long-term capital appreciation by investing in common shares of primarily US and globally listed companies

Our investment team carefully selects companies with high quality recurring earnings, a sound strategy, and robust financials from a universe of well-managed, steadily growing world-class businesses.  We unapologetically value timeless investment tradition built upon unwavering research culture and hard work

Annunciazione di Cestello Painting by Sandro Botticelli (Ca. 1489-1490)

Our flagship product BCP US Equity Concentrated Growth Strategy is a long-only portfolio investing in US public equities.  We have been managing the flagship portfolio according to our investment philosophy

In addition, we also offer global diversified and international portfolio products investing in the US, European and Asian stocks.  Expanding our US focus, we aim to provide clients unparalleled opportunities to gain capital appreciation from international equities using the same successful strategy

All portfolios are managed in house using our proprietary research and investment strategies

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